A notary public is a qualified and authorised professional that handles matters of legal significance for individuals and organisations. From witnessing documents to certifying copies, a notary public provides a wide range of services. So, what are some of the most common solutions provided by these experts?

Document Witnessing Service

A notary public can witness documents or signatures on contracts or other documents. When they witness the signing of documents, they authenticate the identity of the signatory to ensure that the document is signed by consenting parties and in accordance with Australian law. To do this, they must verify the identification of each party (using a passport, driver's license or similar ID) and ensure that each party understands what they are signing. This service is widely used by parties who need to execute legal documents overseas, as an authorised notary can attest to the authenticity and validity of these documents within Australia.

Copy Certification

Another common service provided by a notary public involves certifying true copies of original documents. This process requires them to compare an original document with its copy and attest that it is an exact replica of the original document. This certification usually involves stamping or sealing the document with their official seal and signature, which verifies its authenticity in court or any other legal matter where it may be required.

Authentication Services

A notary public can also authenticate foreign government-issued documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, diplomas or transcripts from universities or schools outside Australia. These documents can then be viewed as authentic in Australia. The authentication process varies depending on where the document originated from but will usually involve the validation of seals and signatures. They may also have to certify that the document has been correctly translated into English.

Other Services

Sometimes, a notary public may be able to certify that university or college qualifications are authentic. They may also be able to provide other services based on their speciality. Remember, these service providers are an important part of the legal system in Australia and can often provide services that a solicitor may not be able to.

What to Remember

As you can see, many different services are available through a notary public. This makes them an extremely valuable resource when it comes to handling important legal matters such as witnessing contracts or authenticating foreign government-issued documents etc. If you need help in one of these areas, reach out to a company such as BSG Lawyers for further information.