There is a common tendency among divorcing couples to let go of their lawyers once the separation process is complete. However, family lawyers advise against making such a rush and premature decision. There is a lot more that a family lawyer can help you with post-divorce.

Equity in Property Settlement

Post-divorce property settlement is not as straightforward as it might seem, especially if children are involved. Therefore, lawyers approach the matter differently for each client. For example, if you win the custody of your children but do not want to disrupt their life post-divorce, a lawyer might advise you to retain the family home. However, you must purchase your partner's equity in the property. You can do it through a cash payment or by giving up assets that you own jointly. According to family lawyers, keeping the family house is the best decision for a parent with full custody of children since it provides stability during the chaotic divorce period. On the other hand, if you deem that a house harbours unhappy memories, you can agree to sell the property through your lawyers and share the proceeds. It is the preferred decision for spouses that want a fresh start.

Notification of Relocation 

During divorce proceedings, one partner becomes the custodial parent while the other assumes a non-custodial role. Therefore, both parties must agree on visitations so that children do not lose touch with one parent. Unfortunately, cases exist where the custodial parent moves away with children but does not inform the non-custodial partner. However, this activity is unlawful, and it usually happens if the custodial parent does not involve a lawyer. Consequently, they might end up losing custodial rights. Therefore, you should involve a family lawyer since they are best placed to help you draft a written notification about your desire to relocate. It gives your partner a chance to agree with or contest relocation in a court of law.

Visitation Rights

A non-custodial parent has visitation rights granted by a court. However, the frequency of visitation is based on the partners' agreement. Sadly, it can be challenging to reach an amicable visitation agreement, especially if no family lawyer is involved. A lawyer acts as the voice of reason during divorce proceedings, which helps warring partners arrive at an agreement that benefits the children. It is especially the case if the custodial parent will be moving interstate with the children.