When you said your vows, you hoped that you and your spouse would work out every challenge that came your way. However, there may come a point where your differences start coming between you. If you have tried all forms of conflict resolution and none seems to be working, you have probably drifted too far apart for your marriage to be salvaged. The decision to separate is one of the most difficult resolutions you can make in this lifetime. It becomes even more challenging when there are children, property, and other factors to worry about during the settlement.

Here are three unusual complications that you might embroil yourself in when you start the divorce proceedings and how a competent family lawyer can help you manage them.

Who Gets the Family Pet?

Most of the time, when thinking about separation, people worry about child custody and how to share the assets. However, the ownership of pets is becoming a major emerging issue in divorce cases. Pet custody has come up so often in the divorce settlement that the family legal system is putting in place laws to help decide the cases.

If you want custody of your pets, talk to your family lawyer, and express this wish. They will know how to navigate the issue and get you a favourable settlement. 

Who Ends Up with Family Heirlooms?

You might have thought that your great grandmother's diamond ring was the most romantic gesture when you used it to propose to your wife, but getting it back can become a headache once you file a divorce. If this has become a thorny issue in your divorce, you will need to show evidence of how you inherited this heirloom to win it back.

Tell your family lawyer that you want this heirloom back, and they will know what to do to help you get it back.

What about Post-Judgment Motions?

A lot of issues can arise after the divorce judgment, forcing you or your spouse to end up back in the courtroom. These include failure to agree on child adoption matters when one of you refuses to pay child support or alimony and matters to do with estate planning.

Keep your family lawyer close, even after the settlement, just in case you have to go back to the courtroom. 

These issues may seem challenging, but you can easily navigate them with the help of a competent family lawyer. Hire a competent lawyer for a quick and stress-free divorce process. 

To learn more, reach out to a family lawyer in your area today.